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Divine Providence Province: Fourth Provincial Chapter

Fourth Provincial Chapter

Nov.20-Nov.24, 2017

The fifth day began with the morning prayers and meditation guided by Rev. Fr. Visuwasam, the provincial councilor. After breakfast the session began at 9 am with the initial prayers. The moderator was Fr. Kulandai Samy. Fr.Benson and Fr.Adaikalam lead us into prayer. The prayer for the XX General chapter was prayed by the members.

The moderator along with the Presidential committee had gone through the motions and proposals and made corrections given by the chapter members. All most there were thirty one proposals and motions. By 12.30 the motions and proposals were consolidated and printed. Voting started afterward. Fr. Visuwasam and Fr. Thambusamy were absent at the time of voting. But they voted earlier due to an emergency situation. Tellers Fr. Johndoss and Fr. Bernard collected the ballots and counted, verified and the number of ballot sheets and the number of members present corresponded. Fr. General and Fr. Secretary General abstained from voting. We dispersed for lunch break.

After lunch the forum resumed at 3 pm Fr. Dennis was the moderator. The results were made ready by the secretaries. The results were announced to the forum. Dennis the moderator said that the proposals and motions will be submitted to the General Council and they will review them and make modifications on them if deemed necessary. The final results will be made known to all.

Election of Delegates to the XX General Chapter

The moderator gave some instructions for electing the delegates for the general chapter. The instructions;

  • You can vote for any perpetual member in the province

  • You cannot vote for those who are in legal absence

  • We will vote for each delegate separately

  • He must receive absolute majority (13 out of 25) 13/25

  • The second ballot if there is not absolute majority, and then we choose the two with highest votes and go for the third round.

  • Don’t vote for the Provincial. He can vote but cannot receive votes

  • Voting must be secret.

Substitute’s election

  • Only one voting will be conducted. The highest number received confreres will be the delegates

The delegates for the General chapter

Ballots were distributed, voted, collected and the ballots were opened in common. The delegates were elected.

  1. Fr. Dennis Weber was elected as the first delegate who received absolute majority of votes in the first round.

  2. Fr. Kulandai Samy was elected as the second delegate

  3. Fr. Samson was elected as the third delegate

  4. Fr. David Anbu was elected as the fourth delegate

  5. Fr. Visuwasam was elected as the fifth delegate

  6. Fr. Battista was elected as the sixth delegate. Since he was absent for the chapter Fr. Provincial called him to get his consent. He was not able to reach him. If Fr. Battista would not accept his election, then the one with highest votes in the substitute election would be the sixth delegate, said the moderator.

The substitutes for the General chapter

  1. Fr. Ronald, the first substitute

  2. Fr. John Bosco, the second substitute

  3. Fr. Benson, the third substitute

  4. Fr. Rajesh, the fourth substitute

  5. Fr. John Paul, the fifth substitute

  6. Fr. Ligori, the sixth delegate

Three of the substitutes Fr. Benson, Fr. Rajesh and Fr. John Paul received the same votes. Therefore, they were put in order based on their seniority of profession.

Finally Fr. General thanked the chapter fathers for their good works. He wished all those who have been elected because they have more responsibility. The third stage will be the preparation to the General Chapter involving the communities and the delegates to the General Chapter. The three weeks General chapter will have more space to bring all your single communities. He said that all the good works which you have done, we will make the working document. But still any confrere can give any proposal directly to the chapter. Let us give thanks to the Lord and thank the sisters here for having given us hospitality. Fr. Provincial superior thanked all who rendered their service and availability to the chapter and Fr. Superior General officially closed the Fourth Provincial Chapter.








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