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Meeting of Community Treasurers Online in DPP


The meeting of the treasurers of the communities in India was organized by Fr. Francis, the Provincial Councilor. & Treasurer of Indian Societies and Trust. The meeting was held on 2 Aug. 2021 online. The inaugural address was given by Fr. Ronald Sdc, highlighting the Guanellian Poverty in today's context and relating the administration of the houses with the Providence of God. The Resource Person of the day Fr. Amalraj Sdb, the Province Treasurer of the Salesian Trichy Province gave the updates on the state regulations of the FCRA 2020, the practical issues and how to face them. He called for transparency and accountability from the part of the treasurers. Fr. John Paul Sdb, his collaborator also gave some inputs and practical guidelines. At the end Fr. Francis gave his final evaluation of the administration of the treasurers, accounting, book keeping and other related practicalities. It was indeed a very fruitful session. The confreres felt very helpful.




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