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The canonical visit of the major superiors and assembly of the USA communities was long anticipated and enriching for our lives and mission as Guanellians. The USA assembly was held September 25th-26th in the community in Chelsea, MI. The day began with the encouraging words enriching thoughts and enlightening reflection of Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Provincial Superior. He guided the assembly with his reflection on the theme of the upcoming 20th General Chapter "Charism, Interculturality and Prophecy". He referenced the Constitutions Nos: 62, 64 and 80 to make it clear that our mission is always growing and moving which is evident here in the USA with the new project currently underway. The members of the assembly shared their thoughts about how to actualize the theme of the upcoming chapter in their lives and mission as Guanellians. Fr. Sivio De Nard presented the report of the growth of the communities, challenges and proposals for the future and compared the concluding remarks of the previous year assembly with the current year. He concluded last year's report insisting upon closing of Guanellian presence in USA except in Chelsea. This year he highlighted his reflection and recommendation of how we should expand our mission. The members of the assembly appreciated the presentation and many more new thoughts presented for the envisioning of our continued presence. Fr. Gustavo thanked the community for their innovative and comprehensive way of helping the people with special needs. The assembly was a time of prayer and reflection, sharing of thoughts and envisioning the future




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