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Eight new guanellian priests in India

“To Gain Christ” (Phil: 1: 21)

The 22nd August 2017 was a glorious day for the Guanellian family and divine providence province, India, to have eight new priests to personify the vision and mission of St. Louis Guanella. As the day is sanctified by the celestial feast of ‘Queenship of Blessed Virgin Mary’, it was more pertaining for the Mother Congregation, to be crowned with the eight new sacerdotal sons to extend the hearts and hands of charity to all those who are in dire need of human, spiritual and charismatic assistance. The gift of holy priesthood was conferred to these eight young soldiers of Christ by Most Rev. Dr. Antony Anandarayar DD, the Arch Bishop of Pondy Cuddalore diocese. During the Holy Eucharist, the Table of Word fed all the faithful especially the newly ordained three important ways of religious priestly life such as “Wholistic Human Maturation, Progressive Divine (Spiritual) Transfiguration and Committed Charismatic Consecration”. The newly ordained priests were very fervent and courageous to actualize these three ways of life through their common motto “Gaining Christ”. All those gathered in the holy event showed their spiritual fraternity to the ordained priests through their prayer and religious solidarity. The parents of the confreres were so happy to offer their sons for the ministry of the church and the congregation. Finally, the day was graced in holiness and consecration. All praise be to God.




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