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Perpetual Vows and Diaconal Ordination in India

“It is God who does.”
As our Founder we also experienced the same words during our Perpetual Profession and Diaconate Ordination. We really felt that it is not by our merits but purely by the merits of God who called us to serve the neediest brethren. It was a most exciting God experience in our lives and we were cherished by the unconditional love of Christ. Our motto is “To Gain Christ” we literally experienced in our Perpetual Profession and Diaconate Ordination that in front of Christ’s love the things, places and persons are nothing. We felt also very happy and were able to feel the love of God and the resemblance of our Founder through the presence of Fr. Gustavo, Fr. Rinaldo, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, Fr. Charlton Viray and other fathers. We felt the Holy Eucharistic celebration as a grace filled moment of our lives.
We are very thankful to our Superior General and his Council, and our Provincial Superior and his Council for accepting us as dear confreres and treasures. We thank you, Fr. Gustavo for representing Superior General, and for your loving care and valuable presence from the beginning of our retreat till Diaconate Ordination. We are very much nourished by your sharing and prayer. Please do continue to pray for us and convey our wishes to Superior General and the Council. We do remember you and your family in our prayers.

Thanking you



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