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Renewal of religious vows in the Philippines and Vietnam


On May 26, while we commemorate the 154th ordination anniversary of Founder and there are many important celebrations in our Family of don Guanella. The fifteen young confreres are renewing their religious vows in Philippines (Manila and Legazpi), and Vietnam. We are also thanking God for the events of perpetual profession in Rome and renewal of vows in DPP communities in India.
Here in Manila, Fr. Luigi De Giambattista presided over the Eucharistic Celebration in which he received the vows from ten brothers. He invited all of us to grow in His friendship, because the Lord is always faithful to His love. Let us make the encounter with Jesus through daily relationship that strengthens us. He invited the young confreres to widen their horizon to receive the Spirit the grace of that fire that came upon the apostles on the first Pentecost in Jerusalem.

The Congregation and the Church need their courageous YES in the midst of uncertainties and pains caused by the Pandemic. We should be able to open wide our arms and doors against the Pandemic. How can we not see in this a powerful and clear remind of the link between consecration and mission? Fr. Guanella Says, “Be grateful we are infirma mundi; we are limited, weak and fragile. We need of His continuous strength to keep fire alive! Fire in the Holy Ministry.
There were few of our Staff and our children who participated with their colorful presence. After the mass, the professed brothers shared their enjoyment and fun with the special children cutting the cake. We had a simple dinner as a family and played funny games and cherished the family spirit together.

Fr. Rajesh SdC

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